Sauntering Samurai

I must concede that Sam Davis is not RONIN, but tru indeed


ronin is the reason for my passion and my passion without reason.

this art within me is my demon and my redeemer. whom shall i fear.

my journey has BEGUN!!!logo 2009Red_Ronin


One Response to “Sauntering Samurai”

    when your looking @ MEDIA GENERATED IMAGES U really C that U cannot reproduce those images without living the reality. if you would like to paint a blossom, you need to go to ASIA. if you wana stunt you have to go to 9th street on MLK day parade. if you want to screen print you have to know the signs of reality that communicate your desired directives. all in all, those generated images used in design or art; cannot be brought to life without experiencing life itself. and not just on the thin surface but really the heart of clear reality. you kno!… thats the basic function in a archetypal system of death.

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