My name is Samuel Lewis Davis III,

I am the artist behind the entity that is RONIN. You can “holla at cha boi” here (https://twitter.com/#!/artistSD3).

Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, PA Oct 2011

"SD3 roninMODE"

just as a RONIN is a SAMuraI with No MASTER….

RONIN sets its own path to greatness cause the true way is to follow no way at all.

Datboy Sam

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey, I feel ya about the Ronin. I have used it for my artwork for a while now. I came across you on Facebook and I wanted to check out your website. It’s a common name and idea and to each their own. I live it, so I just thought I would drop a line.

    • @21Ronin, thanks for searching me out. its greatly appreciated. i havent updated things in awhile, but that will soon change. i am close with the “ronin” moniker, and those who use it i feel i have a connection if even only in spirit. nonetheless. preciate the drop and holla back.

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