New from Banksy: Zorro


Word is out that Banksy has graced the world with his latest street piece, which actually isn’t on the street but on a tower in Westbourne Park, London. This time, Banksy has replicated a classic Zorro image.


 “It hasn’t been confirmed as a Banksy yet by his own website or anything,” writes RJ of Vandalog, “but street art authorities are calling a Banksy, the style fits and there is a similar sketch in his show at The Bristol Museum, so I think it’s a safe bet.


“Zorro is an interesting subject for Banksy to paint, as NoLionsInEngland has noted on WallKandy: ‘Zorro defended peasants from the tyrannical authority of officials and aristocrats, as does Banksy; Zorro was the alter-ego of a knight or some kind of aristocrat, and certain newspapers seem convinced that Banksy is/was a mild-mannered publicschool poshie.’”



The thing i been feindin on Bansky is how he activates the object and the surrounding its in. mad props to my dupe.



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