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Newly Released Icelandic Music Video Causes Controversy


heres the lowdown…

The previously unknown Icelandic artist Berndsen has caused a great stir in his home country with a highly controversial music video. The story features victims of a car crash being played with by passers by.

Directed by Helgi Jóhannsson with the Director of Photography Hrafn Garðarsson the video was produced in 8 hours on the west coast of Iceland. All of the crew and cast are all under 26 years of age and the budget was a mere 750GBP.

The video is a clash of contradictions, the bloody scenes and happy faces, the trauma of a car crash with the playful behaviors and above all the upbeat melody versus the video itself.

“We wanted the audience to feel ill, but at the same time, try to make them laugh at the whole situation. The goal for us was to make the viewer confused, not knowing if he was supposed to laugh or cry. The song is happy and jolly, so the whole situation is playful, but at the same time painful.
We have seen to many ordinary music videos, were the band plays in a studio and nothing happens. We wanted to do something different, something new.“

Upon its release in Iceland, every television channel has been playing the video, the national news magazine show Ísland í dag (Iceland Today) featured it and the national press have interviewed the artist Bersden. It has been an extremely hot topic on blogs and the largest community forums in the country.

In addition, proving the main aim of a promotional video, the previously unheard of artist has his song being played on all 4 major radio stations in the country and has been chosen as one of the accompanying tracks on Factor Films international 3D snowboard movie which will be released later in 2009 across Europe, US and Japan.

kinda crazy right! that might even be an understatement.



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