Graffiti Art makes neighborhood more livable

check out this article i came cross on …

Graffiti art proves once again to be a perfect way to make a neighborhood more livable.



An overpass in the Kralingen-Crooswijk township of the city of Rotterdam has often been designated as a dangerous unpleasant place. Artist duo Transister (Nelleke Boerkoel and Hanneke van Leeuwen) helped change that.

To make the neighborhood more livable and attractive, the city council of Rotterdam called in the Dutch company Mothership and the artist duo Transister (Nelleke Boerkoel and Hanneke van Leeuwen) from the creative production agency Shop Around.



Transister made an amazing pink graffiti artwork inspired by the styles and characteristics of young people living in the neighborhood.

This has resulted in a candy pink viaduct ceiling, hand painted pillars with super cool prints and slanting walls that function as a true portrait gallery portraying the young people from the neighborhood.

hot right!?!

hot right!?!

yo i got put on to this magazine about two years ago from a local artist KEITH NORVAL (

). he’s a beast man; this dude is form Zimbabwe, real laid back anyway…anytime i could get advice from him i would and he said read this magazine. so allow me to pass the tradition. you will really love this site.


ronin1 copy

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  1. i smell some sticks and stones….

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