August Artist Tees from Upper Playground

SO i was on Juxtapoz magazine online…..sweet site by the way. and cross this article by an even sweeter tee shirt company, Upper Playground.



Not only is this image part of Patrick Martinez’ upcoming art show, You Don’t Have to Lie to Kick It, but it also makes for one sick tee, part of Upper Playground’s fresh August tee line.

Upper Playground’s August tees feature a wide variety of artists and graphics including work from Rinzen, Tiffany Bozic, Dan Cuenca, Maxx242, and Adnauseum. David Choe gives us his take on pain, Munk One shows us just how tough warriors were back in the day and El Mac takes us full circle showing us how we’ll all end up. Patrick Martinez waxes poetic on his social philosophy – in the form of a neon sign, while crate diggers will love the California design by Denis Kennedy. Jeremy Fish’s superFishal and Sam Flores’ Twelve Grain each have released new graphics, while Estevan Oriol’s self-titled line shows a new side to the Estevan Oriol logo.

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